NOTES - Definition of Measurement

CHAPTER. 1  Introduction to Measurement

Unit 1  Definition of Measurement and Measurement Theory

1. Definition of Measurement


  1. The aspect of gathering information is one of the most essential aspects of measurement.

  2. A second aspect of measurement is that it must be selective.

  3. A third and necessary aspect of measurement is that it must be objective.


object of measurement 测量目标

with regard to 关于

elementary  adj. 基础的

merely  adv. 仅仅

independent of sb 不依赖某人

precede  vt. 在…之前

demonstrate  vt. 证明

handicapped  adj. 残疾的

guarentee  vt. 保证

convert into 把…转化成

misinterpret  vt. 曲解

assessment  n. 评定

in the form of 以…的形式

magnitude  n. 大小

amplitude  n. 振幅

intensity  n. 强度

  1. This means that a measurement must bedescriptive with regard to that state or that phenomenon in the world around us which we are measuring.

  2. The task of these instruments istoconvert  the state or phenomenon under observation into a different state or phenomenon that cannot be misinterpreted by an observer.

  3. We can distinguish two types of information: information on the state, structure or nature of a certain characteristic, so-called structuralinformationand information on the magnitude, amplitude or intensity of a certain characteristic, so-called metricinformation.